Transcendent Acts with Triss Niemi

Presented in collaboration with Flaming Carnations and Backbone HUB.

Project Facilitator:

Triss Niemi


Transcendent Acts is a new Flaming Carnations initiative designed to bring a group of 5-10 transgender and gender diverse creatives from a variety of fields and backgrounds into the same room to see what they might accomplish together and without the burdens of cisheteropatriarchal ignorance or pressure interfering with their processes. Facilitated by co-artistic director and in-house dramaturg Triss Niemi, Transcendent Acts will be an all-trans, trans-led devising room. Over the next 6 months these artists will have the opportunity to work with Triss, Flaming Carnations, and Backbone to make untamed work in untamed ways.

“So often, we as trans artists are pressured by institutions to make work that is about transness, that explains transness to the cisgender audience, that begs that audience to witness and to care about trans suffering. This devising room will be free of such pressures. It is also my experience that trans artists must spend time and energy doing unpaid cultural consultancy work or emotional labour getting the cisgender members of creative/production teams up to speed with their identity/expression and how these things inform their needs in a work environment. This translation work is also demanded when trans artists are made to justify aspects of their work that are directly informed by their transness. This devising room will be free of the need for such labour.” – Triss Niemi, Project Facilitator

This is a paid opportunity on a profit-share basis.

Applications close 11:59pm, Monday 22nd April, 2024.

Performance Venue:

Transendent Acts will present at Backbone Arts - 28 Tallowwood Street, Seven Hills, QLD 4170.

Important Dates:

Applications Close: April 22nd, 2024 at 11:59pm

Virtual Interviews: April 27th & 28th, 2024

Public Outcome: Specific date/s TBA - showing as a part of Backbone Fest, October 10th-27th, 2024.